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Day 2Finals: Ballistix vs. Fnatic (3-1)Ballistix took apart Fnatic in the finals of the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship, winning 3-1 to claim the world championship.The South Korean team started off the series with superb teamfighting centered around Jeong Jeongha Ha Lee. Using Tyrael, Jeongha was able to save the day on countless occasions, using the powerful Sanctification ability for devastating results. In addition to the excellent use of Sanctification, Ballistix was on point with their macro play, ensuring that late in the game Fnatic was unable to secure any objectives and make a move towards even footing.Game 2 saw Fnatic take a lead early on, but after a nearly three minute-long teamfight that saw multiple deaths on both sides, Ballistix was able to pull ahead. The defining moment of the match came when Ballistixs Jeong Jeongha Ha Lee, using Zeratul, respawned to come in for the finishing kill on Fnatics Tychus. The kill on Tychus was monumental as both teams had just begun to respawn, leaving Fnatic in a 4-on-5 situation for a full minute, allowing Ballistix to grab even more key structures to gain a bigger lead, resulting in a Game 2 win.Facing elimination, Fnatic managed to turn it around on Warhead Junction in Game 3 with some dominant global hero abuse as well as a pocket pick for Simon ScHwimpi Svensson with Tracer. The game was truly neck-and-neck, but Fnatic took it to Ballistix when the stakes were highest late in the game, snowballing off a double kill to gain an advantage. Thanks to the timely double kill, Fnatic was able to gain access to powerful nukes which allowed them to take down the core, bringing the series to 2-1.Fnatics Game 3 win appeared to perk up Ballistix, as the South Korean team pulled out all the stops during the Game 4 draft. That resulted in picking up Tracer for Seung-Chul sCsC Kim, which paid dividends for Ballistix throughout the match. With the game on the line Fnatic managed to take control of the objective, silencing the majority of Ballistix in the process. The late rally failed however, as sCsC was able to stall long enough for his team to come back into the fray, taking a game-winning teamfight by scoring kills on both Dob Quackniix Engstrom and Pontus Breez Sjogren to become the Heroes of the Storm World Champions.With the second ever Blizzcon World Championship title under their belt along with a handsome $300,000 first prize, Ballistix have thrust themselves into the conversation for the best team in the world. Given the Fall Championship marks just the second major tournament win for the team, it seems Ballistix could be on the verge of a dominant run in the competitive scene.SemifinalsBallistix vs. Team DignitasBallistix destroyed Team Dignitas in the second semifinal series of the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship, winning 3-1 to claim their spot in the finals.Ballistix came out with a solid strategy in Game 1, opting to deploy their top assassin player, Seung-Chul sCsC Kim, with Sgt. Hammer while drafting three heroes with global presence to surround him. While Sgt. Hammer did heavy damage to structures, the rest of Ballistix capitalized by isolating heroes with their global abilities and picking them off, gaining a substantial lead that Dignitas was unable to match.In Game 2, Ballistix started off rocky, as Dignitas Jerome JayPL Trinh dominated on his comfort pick, Stitches. After securing a few kills, Dignitas made a small blunder, getting caught off guard by Ballistixs Do Joon Noblesse Chae at their shaman camp. This turned into an all-out teamfight where the majority of Dignitas were killed off and the camp was stolen by Ballistix. The Korean team quickly snowballed from there, earning a decisive victory.During Game 3, Ballistix built a full Illidan team comp, but their overconfidence during the draft may have been their undoing as Dignitas Joshua Snitch Bennett was able to counter with a LiLi pick. Thanks to her very powerful Blinding Wind talent, Dignitas was able to win every single teamfight.With their tournament lives on the line, Dignitas made a valiant effort in Game 4, but was unable to secure kills early on. An Auriel/Valla combo by Ballistix became far too dominant, as they skyrocketed to a 10-1 kill advantage. Following the two-level lead, Ballistix played a safe, mechanical game, pushing the lead further. A last-ditch effort by Dignitas to defend the base was undone by Seung-Chul sCsC Kims Valla as he terrorized the entire Dignitas backline to secure the win. Ballistix will play the European team Fnatic in the finals of the Blizzcon Fall Championship for the lions share of the $1,000,000 prize pool.Fnatic vs. MVP BlackTeam Fnatic dismantled MVP Black in the first semifinal series of the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship, winning 3-1 to claim their spot in the finals.Late in the first match, Fnatics team captain Dob Quackniix Engstr?m made the call to sneak the boss camp while his teammates tried to lead MVP Black off of the trail. At the last second, MVP Black figured out the ruse and composed a five-man dive onto the boss point right as it was about to be taken down. Fnatic still managed to lock down the boss, but not without a hefty price, losing three of their five members in the process. MVP Black knew they had only one chance to win, so they ignored the boss trampling towards their core and decided to go all-in on Fnatic. Getting the core to under 50 percent, MVP Blacks team was finally taken out by the freshly revived Fnatic members, allowing them to march down the map and end the game.Game 2 showcased Fnatics Jonathan Wubby Gunnarsson, as he was able to unlock the power that is Dehaka on Sky Temple. All throughout the match, Wubby was seen split-pushing for his team, gaining valuable experience and knocking down towers while also maintaining a global presence as he used his Brush Stalker ability to instantaneously travel to his team in the thick of a teamfight. As a result, Fnatic was able to earn the win and jump out to a 2-0 series advantage.Game 3 took a turn for the worse as Fnatic jumped out to a huge lead on Towers of Doom, with 27 core health to MVP Blacks 12. Despite the odds being stacked against them, Jae Rich Won Lee pulled out an amazing Ley Line Seal on Medivh that set MVP Black up for a huge team wipe against Fnatic. This put Fnatic on their heels and they were not able to regroup, as MVP Blacks crisp rotations destroyed enough bell towers to eventually secure the win.The final match of the series saw Fnatic make an interesting call, as they drafted Medivh for Simon ScHwimpi Svensson in an effort to showcase his own variation of the Ley Line Seal. That move paid off, as Fnatic was able to grab a relatively easy win to advance the finals.Day 1Group B decidersFnatic won a hard-fought match against Zero Panda during the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship Group B decider match, taking the series, 2-1.Zero Panda started out behind after Fnatics Jonathan Wubby Gunnarsson intelligently drafting Rexxar, a solo lane warrior that Zero Panda was not equipped to deal with. After some very close teamfights Zero Panda was able to edge out an objective win and a huge Zerg wave that trampled Fnatics remaining structures. Noticing the huge swarm, Zero Panda quickly started a teamfight that dragged out just long enough for Fnatics core to be destroyed, as the European team was unable to get back in time to defend their base from the Zerg swarm.Game 2 was perhaps the most even game of the night as Zero Panda started off with an early lead but had no answer for Fnatics Valla being played by Dob Quacknixx Engstr?m. Deep into the second contest, Quackniix saved the day after his teammate, Pontus Breez Sjogren, had his well-placed E.T.C. Mosh Pit heroic ability instantly canceled. Quacknixx was able to jump into the thick of it, whittling down Muradin to very low health, ensuring Fnatic would get a multi-kill that led to a Dragon Knight capture, and a Game 2 win.The deciding match of the series came down to an amazing Mosh Pit near the end of the game by Fnatics Breez, allowing his team to kill Guo GM Jiayi on Brightwing and start to wipe out the rest of Zero Pandas squad, securing the series win. With the win, Fnatic will face MVP Black during Saturdays semifinal contest for the right to advance to the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship final.Group A decidersTeam Dignitas took down Please Buff Arthas in the Group A decider series of the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship, winning 2-0 to claim their spot in the semifinals.The blowout started during the draft phase, where Team Dignitas captain James Bakery Baker denied PBA Jaina, a hero theyve relied on throughout the tournament. This forced PBA to draft a second specialist hero in Zagara, which made Dignitas members nearly unkillable, as PBA did not have the burst to deal with the double warrior frontline. They went on to defeat PBA in a terribly one-sided match that ended in 14 kills to 1.In Game 2, PBA tried to target ban Thomas Ménè Cailleuxs Valla after he tore them apart in the first match. Ménès response was to simply draft Li-Ming and proceeded to systematically delete each and every one of PBAs players in multiple teamfights. While Dignitas certainly had a dominant 2-0 showing, they were not without mistakes as Lawrence Athero Harper made a handful on Alarak, one of the newly released melee assassins. That might be a problem against some of the better teams remaining in the tournament, such as Ballistix or MVP Black.Group BZero Panda will join Team Dignitas, advancing through the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship Elimination round, defeating Denial 2-0.Zheng C Xiangzhi was an absolute madman with Dehaka in Game 1. His MVP moment happened just two minutes into the match, where he used his Brush Stalker ability to flank the majority of the Denial team and secure a quick quartet of kills, setting his team up for a huge lead they would nurse through the remainder of the game.Game 2 became a painful war of attrition as Zero Panda attacked Denial with smart calculated plays, exacting small penalties each time. The first example of this was early Level 3, where Denial was attempting to pressure Zero Pandas mid fort. Zheng C Xiangzhi -- once again on Dehaka -- Brush Stalked in and nabbed two easy kills on the enemy Malfurion and Jaina. Once in the lead, Zero Panda tightly held the reigns of the second match and did not let go until their Garden Terror knocked out Denials core for a 2-0 victory and a trip to the winners bracket.Group ATeam Dignitas became the first team to advance through Group A of the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship, defeating Astral Authority 2-0.Joshua Snitch Bennett of Team Dignitas was on fire in Game 1. Using Falstad, Snitch was hyper aggressive, taking risks early on that never seemed to pay off. During the mid game, that seemed to change as he took advantage of an opportunity where Astral Authority was clumped together in the mid lane, diving in and using his Mighty Gust heroic ability to literally blow Astral Authority away into teammate Thomas Ménè Cailleux, who was using GulDan. From there Ménè took over with his Horrify heroic, splitting the team up, which allowed him to secure two kills for Team Dignitas. That eventually spelled doom for Astral Authority in Game 1 as Dignitas was able to hold onto their substantial lead.Game 2 saw Ménè demonstrate his mastery of GulDan, as he singlehandedly turned the match in his teams favor with his excellent Horrify ultimate. His first great heroic use was around the 11 minute-mark where he used Horrify to score a kill on Ben Cattlepillar Bunks Dehaka in the top lane, giving his team a much needed experience boost. Later in the match, he executed another incredible Horrify that pushed Astral Authoritys support player, Jun Jun Jang, far out of position, securing Dignitas a hard fought 2-0 victory. Derwin James Youth Jersey .J. -- Marshawn Lynch said Thursday it will be good to get back to football after the Seattle quiet talking running back wrapped up his final mandatory media session of Super Bowl week. Philip Rivers Chargers Jersey . The Olympic champion curler and TSN curling analyst immediately went online to look at the Halls long list of honoured members. Thats when the enormity of the honour sunk in. http://www.prochargersteamstore.com/Youth-Mike-Williams-Elite-Jersey/ . Cuban testified Thursday that he was upset when the companys CEO told him news that would reduce the value of his shares, for which hed paid $7.5 million. But he said he did nothing improper when he sold those shares over the next two days. Melvin Gordon III Youth Jersey . LOUIS -- Theres no telling how these wacky World Series games will end. Mike Williams Chargers Jersey . -- In a span of seven Washington Redskins offensive plays, Justin Tuck sacked Robert Griffin III four times. WASHINGTON -- It took a controversial call for the Vancouver Whitecaps to survive a surprisingly tough road game against the worst team in Major League Soccer. Camilo Sanvezzo scored his ninth goal of the season on a penalty kick in the second half as the Whitecaps shut out D.C. United 1-0 on Saturday. In the 48th minute, the Whitecaps (7-5-4) played a long ball deep into United territory, with midfielder Matt Watson sprinting toward it, only to be met hard by D.C. goalkeeper Bill Hamid. Watson crumpled to the turf and referee Matthew Foerster immediately signalled for a penalty kick. "Im going to have to watch it again," Watson said. "He definitely got a piece of the ball, but he also went through me. Im going to have to see it again, to see if it was a PK." United coach Ben Olsen had no doubt that the call was wrong, not mincing words in his assessment of the officials. "Its a joke," he said. "We get the same clown show every weekend. Nobody wants to hear the coach in last place complain about the referees. Nobody wants to hear that. But Ive got a group of men in there who fought their tails off today, and theyre gutted." Camilo Sanvezzo calmly deposited the ensuing penalty past a diving Hamid into the middle of the net for his third goal in two games and sixth over his last four contests. On a steamy night during which they were outclassed for much of the first half, the Whitecaps earned just the fifth road win in their three-year franchise history. "Were on a really good run at the moment," said Vancouver coach Martin Rennie after his teams third straight win. "We have to win on the road more consistently. For us to move up and develop, we need to do that. Tonight, we showed the qualities to do that." The Whitecaps defence preserved just their second league shutout of the season in the victory, and their first since a 1-0 home victory against Toronto FC in the season opener on March 2. Vancouver had not played since JJune 19, and on a night when fitness was key, the Whitecaps appeared to have the stronger legs in the second half.dddddddddddd If not for some spectacular, back-to-back leaping saves by Hamid in the 65th minute, Vancouver would have opened up a wider margin. D.C. (2-12-3) fired a season-high 22 shots, and had a couple of corner kicks in stoppage time, but could not find the equalizer. After the match, Hamid and John Thorrington berated the officials at midfield. "I dont get it," Olsen said. "Im not asking him to be a super referee. Im asking him to make the right call." United had the Whitecaps on the defensive for much of the first half, starting in the second minute, when Dwayne De Rosario fired just wide of goalkeeper Brad Knighton. The Vancouver keeper followed with another solid save on Kyle Porters shot in the seventh minute, as the Whitecaps struggled to control the ball. Russell Teibert had the best look for Vancouver in the first half, taking a tight-angle shot from the goal-line that deflected off the post behind Hamid in the 11th minute. The Whitecaps finished June by earning 12 out of 15 potential points, putting them squarely in the hunt in the Western Conference. "It was a well-deserved win," Rennie said. "On the road, youre not always going to dominate the game, so any way you can get the win is important." Notes: The Whitecaps lineup got a lift when both Gershon Koffie and Brad Rusin returned to the pitch for the first time since May 18. Koffie missed five games with a quadriceps injury, while Rusin was dealing with calf problems. a United midfielder Nick DeLeon was not in the lineup, nursing an ankle injury he suffered in the teams Open Cup victory over New England on Wednesday. a The match was a reunion of sorts for Uniteds Alain Rochat, who was traded by the Whitecaps to D.C. on June 6, and Thorrington, who signed with D.C. in the off-season. a Vancouver lost 4-0 in its only other trip to D.C. in August 2011. ' ' '

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